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Shawls, Scarves, and More

Black Alpaca Pointed Scarf

This lovely scarf is hand spun and hand knit in 100% Alpaca. The center of the scarf comes to a dainty point with elegantly tapered ends.  This is one fashion accessory that will also keep you nice and warm! The rich color is called "bay black" rather than "true black", meaning it is black with a warm touch of deep, coffee brown.

White Alpaca Shawl

Creamy white, triangular hand knitted shawl. Lightweight and lacy knit, yet warm and fabulously soft! The fiber for this shawl was Michigan grown and processed and comes from Alex the Alpaca.  Throw over your shoulders for warmth and add your own pretty shawl pin for style! Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

More Items Coming Soon!​

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