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Fun Things From our Booth!

Tiny Sheep Toy

Tiny sheep made from real wool and pipe cleaner frames. These mischievous and playful little rascals stand only about an inch tall and make fun toys as well as adorable decorations. Recommended for ages  3+

Assorted colors available

Wool Dryers Balls

Set of 3

Throw them in your dryer in place of chemicals to reduce static, reduce wrinkles, and even help reduce drying time. Reuse over and over for hundreds of loads! If the balls become staticky, toss in with a load of wash and then return to dryer. You may also add a few drops of essential oils to the balls (allow to soak in for 10-30 seconds) for fragrance in your load. Our balls are made entirely of wool. Solid white in stock.

Drop Spindle

Hand Made Top Whorl Drop Spindles Made by Matt, Dave, and Emily exclusively for Lazy Dog. Easy to use with a simple cup style hook.

Assorted woods include Oak, Maple, Pine, Poplar, etc. Great for beginners! Listing is for Spindle only. 

Pesky little spring for your spinning wheel lost or stretched out? Gotcha covered with our Scotch-Tensioned Spinning Wheel replacement springs. Quarter to show scale.

Small Oil Bottles with needle tip for keeping you spinning wheel working smoothly. Bottle comes filled with full synthetic amber colored motor oil that keeps moving parts well lubricated. Comes in a small drawstring pouch.

Adorable Alpaca Toys are made in Peru with real lambswool and alpaca fur. Sizes vary as they are handmade in the Peruvian highlands, but average about 4" tall with the shorthaired brown ones (pictured here) being the smallest.

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