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Custom Hat Knitting Services

Send us your yarn and we will return it to you as a hand-crafted Hat!



The main body of these dual-layer stocking hats are knit on one of my 2 sizes of knitting machines, then  finished by hand! Sizes are for a Kids Small or for an average Adult.


You can choose one of our three color options: 1 solid color, 2 tone reversible, or Striped (1 wide stripe on an otherwise single-color background). Additional stripe and color options are not available at this time.

Yarn requirements: each Adult Hat requires a total of 200 yards of Worsted weight yarn (Kids Hats use slightly less). Worsted weight yarn is a thickness between 9 and 11 WPI (wraps per inch). Thinner yarns such as sport weigh (more than 12 WPI) result in a material that is too open, airy, and shapeless to make a satisfactory hat, and thicker than 7 WPI will not go through the needles of the machines and I cannot knit it for you. 8 or 9 WPI yarn has produced the nicest hats for me from my machines.



I am offering a limit of 20 timeslots (each timeslot is for 1 hat) each month for custom hat knitting (not available April, May, or June). Yarn and paid orders received by the first of each month will be knit and returned by the first of the following month. Said another way as an example, I receive the yarn and paid order in July, on August 1st I begin filling that order, and on or about the first business day in September the order will be mailed back. In the event that all timeslots are filled when an order is received, I will notify you that your order will be held until the next available timeslot with an estimate as to when that will be. You are not required to contact me prior to sending in your order, though if you are concerned about turnaround time and availability, please get in touch!


All color options and sizes are only $20/hat, and the price includes return shipping! (Introductory pricing is subject to change)

Orders must be paid in full before I will begin knitting. If yarn is received that is not suitable for use for whatever reason, you will be notified and your yarn returned with a refund less shipping costs and $5 handling fee. No other refunds or returns.


To place your order please use the contact me option below and include your email address so I may send you the form (Still learning how to build my website and have not been able to make it downloadable for you... YET. Still trying and learning, thanks for understanding!)

Contact me!

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